Old news
2006-07-09 Ump v0.8.4 is released
  • Added a gradient editor
  • Added extreme-point snaping for 2D plots ( snaps to roots, minimums, maximums and intersections )
  • Support for recursive functions
  • Added function fibonacci
  • Various speed ups:
    • General use of complex numbers
    • Rotation of 3D plots
    • Handling of inline matrices
    • Division of large integers
    • Multiplication of large integers uses a recursive divide and conquer algorithm
  • Some bug fixes and code cleaning.
Updated documentation
2006-04-22 Ump v0.8.3.2
Fixed an AMD64 crash bug.
Fixed a bug which would duplicate the gradients for 3D plots.
2006-04-14 Ump v0.8.3.1
Fixed a compilation problem
2006-04-13 Ump v0.8.3
Added an easy way to calculate the derivate, integral & length.
New parser which runs the Ump-code faster.
Speed improvements when dealing with "small" integers (below 4 294 967 296)
Various speed and memory fixes for ploting 2D & 3D, upto 10 times faster.
New divide algorithm for big integers, it's more than four times faster.
Some bug fixes and code cleaning.
2005-12-04 Ump v0.8.2
Improved quality of plots.
Added support for 3D plots (it's yet very incomplete but it's working)
Replace the old autoload system with a much better and easier one
The history list are now saved at exit
A lot of new functions
Code cleaning and bug fixes
Ump v0.8.1 2005-09-12
Fixes a crash bug in matrix editor
Code cleaning
Ump v0.8.0 2005-09-04
Added a new tool: Matrix editor
Syntax improvements: support for implicit multiplication, -(negation) works as expected & a new |-absolute value operator.
Added partital support for antialiasing for e.g. plots
Lots of code cleaning and minor fixes
Ump v0.7.4 2005-07-16
Added new plot mode: "Connected without asymptotes"
Added install/uninstall rule to Makefile
New syntax which allow extraction and setting of variables/elements in arrays/matrices
Scripting support
Speed improvements
Ump v0.7.3.1 2005-06-12
Bug fix
Ump v0.7.3 2005-06-11
Support for arbitrary sized integers
The power function ^, now is able to handle a^b even if b is complex
A new object-oriented notation for some functions
Bug fixes
Ump v0.7.2 2005-03-08
Added support to program your own functions with *.ump files
Functions like sqrt, ^, sin, asin, sinh... now work with complex numbers
Translation now takes place without reopening the windows
Speed improvements
A lot of code cleaning
Ump v0.7.1 2005-01-16
Fraction calculation
Added "Find intersection" among "Find root/max/min"
Speed improvement
Moved all h/cpp files to a src-folder
Rewrote Makefile
Ump v0.7.0 2004-12-31
Added "Find root/maximum/minimum" when drawing graphs from Graph tools
Added variable type Boolean
Translation is more complete and takes place without restart
Bug fixes




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