Ump is a graphical, easy to use math program, which works with complex numbers, matrices, functions and much more.
Ump is released under the terms of Gnu GPL.

Made by Mattias Hultgren,    

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2007-04-16 Ump v0.8.6 is released
  • Faster large integer multiplication, ~15%
  • Added function powMod which is used automatic when it's possible, it handles -- a^b mod c -- (where a,b,c is integers) in a more efficient way
  • Faster faculty calculations, at least twice as fast below 92681!
  • Some small bug fixes.
2006-10-31 Ump v0.8.5 is released
This is more or less a bug fix release of ump.
  • Converted whole program from std::string to a newly built utf8_string, fixes issues with utf8-coded characters which is bigger than one byte
  • Fixed a lot of untranslatable strings, mostly error messages.
  • Tried to fix the compilation problem with gcc4.1, but I don't have that version myself so I don't know if it's enough.
  • Fixed some output bugs when ump is running on x86_64 machines.
  • Various small bug fixes and code cleaning.
2006-10-03 The move to SourceForge has been completed!!

After a long downtime of Ump's homepage, it's finaly up again.
And this time it is powered by SourceForge, the reason for the downtime is that I have moved from Sweden to Madeira, Portugal and been kind of busy with everything that that implies.

Hopefully things will keep on running now, and there will be a bug fix release of Ump out in a while.

// Mattias
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