Matrix editor

This editor is a tool in which you easy can edit and work with matrices.
Things like addtion, substraction and multiplication with matrices is preformed by clicking in the menu.
It's also easy to calculate inverse, transpose, determinant & adjunt.

All matrices inside the editor can be used in the main window as any other variable, and if they change there they will be automatic updated in the editor.

As an example we can solve the linear equation system
{ x + 2y + 7z = 1
3y + 2z = 2
4x - y + 5z = 3
The first thing we do is to create the coefficient matrix

Coefficient matrix

When we now have this matrix we calculate the inverse matrix by clicking   Calculate -> Inverse
Then we get something like this

Inverse coefficient matrix

Next thing to do is to create the solution matrix

Then go back to the inverse matrix m1 and click   Calculate -> Multiply -> m1 *= m2

Result matrix

And this is the answer to the equation system x = 1 + 1/3   y = 44/51   z = -5/17

If you would like to have the answer in an inexact decimal format just type   m1 = dec m1   in the main window, the matrix inside the editor will be automatic updated.